Slash Fitness has garnered clients, fans and supporters to follow the Slash Fitness way of life. It’s one that uplifts, inspires and creates a healthier and more confident you. Their dedication to clients and their community has led them to becoming a regional leader and voice throughout the South Florida Fitness scene.

Their journey toward success has been a long and winding road. The two founders (Austin Brock, and Joe Ardagna) had to find inner strength to pursue their passion despite the obstacles thrown their way. “When we first started we had a studio in Delray Beach, Fl. but were forced to leave due to our passion to change the industry. We had nowhere to go, nowhere to train. It was the middle of summer in Florida but we didn’t give up! We built a temporary solution – we moved into Austin’s garage. We then secured our current space in 2012 and enjoyed great growth. Fast Forward to 2020 and Covid hit, which once again forced us to go back to the drawing board and reconfigure our entire studio and business model to be covid safe while still providing a top notch fitness experience.

It is this perseverance against all odds that motivated owners Brock, and Ardagna to start a new phase of Slash Fitness’s development and open a new current location. “The community has done so much to help us grow and now we want to give back. It’s our way of saying, ‘Thank You.’ Without the locals, we would not be where we are today,” said Ardagna, and where they are today is a great place. Slash Fitness is where people can beat their demons and grow spiritually, physically and emotionally.

Austin Brock and Joe Ardagna

“We are a group training facility that takes people through endurance training, personal training and group training for men and women of all ages,” said Ardagna. This next step entails taking clients on another journey, one that benefits those in the community who need help, and If you’ve been to Slash Fitness you know their workout experience is one part perspiration, one part motivation and one part invigoration, and the results have been outstanding!


Making an Impact

SLASH FITNESS deciding to give back is their way of saying Thank You. It goes like this: Each month Slash picks a local charity that helps the community and donates money to that charity. Slash donates one dollar for each person who checks into Facebook when they enter. “When someone comes to here and signs in on Facebook, we donate a dollar to a local charity. We do this each month and donate up to $1000 per month for that particular cause,” said Austin. One cause was the Coastal Conservation Association, they work to conserve, promote and enhance coastal resources for the benefit of the general public. Another charity benefiting from Slash’s give back program is the Women’s Foundation of Palm Beach County. The women’s organization is made up of local leaders committed to investing in women and girls to encourage leadership and affect their economic, political, and social status in a positive way. For that month, anyone who goes to Slash and posts it on Facebook will result in a dollar donation to this charitable organization. “We like to keep the charities local because we want to give back to the community that has helped us grow so much,” said Ardagna. So far some of the recipients of their generosity have been the Tri-County Humane Society, Help Our Heroes, Delray Students First, and Runwell (a Slash Fitness sponsored Run helping those that are in recovery raise money to run the New York City Marathon). They get to train at Slash, and the owners and trainers of Slash help raise funds as well. “We help churches, schools and organizations.

We also volunteer for causes and local events, we let people warm-up at Slash before special events for free,” said Brock. The owners of Slash Fitness (and the trainers) helped organize a Beach Clean-Up event, and also sponsored a beach style workout, paddle boarding and full body workout at the beach. They also raised $19,000 for the organization called Help Our Military Heroes. The funds were raised to buy Handicap Accessible Vans for military vets. They had a car wash, donated an entire days proceeds to the organization (during the month) and did other in-house marketing events to raise money for that cause. Slash Fitness is also having a 21-Day Challenge for new members. The contest is to see who can make the biggest personal change in themselves in one month. “We have all been in fitness since college and are expanding our brand. Our plan is to change the fitness industry and are looking into new areas,” said Ardagna. They’re also offering corporate discounts and extending discounts to military personnel, police officers, fireman, teachers, students, and those who ae in recovery.

Each year the entire staff and membership base pairs with HomeSafe, a non profit dedicated to helping victims of domestic abuse have a safe and happy holiday season. We’ve teamed up with Homesafe each year for the past six years. Last year Slash Fitness provide Christmas for 60+ families in the palm beach area.

“We believe we could change the direction of the industry and create an impact in the lives of many people … and that’s when the Slash Fitness dream began!”