The Team

The mission of Slash Fitness is to provide a safe and effective workout, regardless of age, weight, or body restrictions. Our workouts provide interval conditioning along with traditional lifting, core, and flexibility training. We provide a motivating, fun, and positive environment day-to-day. Fitness is our passion, and we are fully committed to helping each individual achieve his or her fitness goals.



Delray Beach, FL

I currently live in Delray Beach with my dog and a 1986 CJ7 😂


FSU – Exercise Science w/ emphasis in Physical Therapy




I’ve always been into sports and fitness. As a kid, I played every spot imaginable, but mostly focused on hockey and lacrosse. Most of my early jobs involved sports – statistician, score keeper, referee, coach, etc. Before working at Slash Fitness, I was a corporate health coach. My Responsibility’s included personal training, nutritional guidance, and massage.


Currently, I am the co-founder of Slash Fitness, where I teach classes and do personal training. My initial affinity for training came from my love of sports and always wanting to be the strongest/fastest on the team.

Past Experiences

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with athletes of all levels and all sports. I’ve coached elementary, middle school and high school hockey and lacrosse. I spent years training and competing in weight-lifting competitions. I also competed in bodybuilding and physique competition for years.

Guilty Pleasure

Any and ALL Mexican food. As well as peanut butter filled pretzels.

As I’ve gotten older, I still strive to get better everyday, but my goals have slightly shifted to help keep me balanced and living the highest quality of life possible. I love fitness, but I also love guacamole. My goal at Slash is to help every member that walks through our doors create their very best self.



Joe Ardagna - Co-Founder Slash Fitness
Current Family Situation

 I’m a proud father of my 7 yr old boy, Joe Ardagna III, and a beautiful 2yr old baby girl, Gianna.  With the help of my incredibly supportive wife, we create a loving and caring household for our family to grow together.  They are my life, my support, my everything!

  • Graduate of Plymouth State University, with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing.
  • NPTI (National Personal Training Institute) Degree.  “Best Motivator” Award 
  • IHP Functional Training Specialist 
  • Under Armor Combine 360 Master Trainer 
  • TRX certified 
  • Kettlebell Concepts Certified 
  • Les Mills Body Combat trainer/coach
  • CPR/First Aid

Shortly after graduating College, I step into a couple full-time sales jobs.  Its was then when I realized that the corporate world was not my passion.  Luckily since the age of 18 I dabbled in the fitness industry where I become an instructor for Les Mills International.  I always knew in the back off my mind, that fitness was my calling.  I loved changing lives, I loved the excitement…even more, I loved to bring joy to others.  in 2004 I was giving the opportunity to move from New Hampshire to sunny Florida, with the intent in following my passions.  It was with this move I was able to switch fitness from part-time work, to full time when I became certified and licensed to teach as a Group Exercise, and Personal Train clients here in Delray Beach. 


My personal training career took off in 2004 and I became busy very quickly, but something was missing.  Its not what I truly wanted.  My dream was to own my own fitness facility, not just for the sake of owning a business, but because there were shifts in the industry that I knew needed to be changed, and I felt I could be the one to make it happen.  Luckily over the next several years, I had the opportunity to be mentored by a number of different close friends who helped me in the right direction.  I was during my learning stages where I met my business partner Austin Brock.  The two of us shared the same vision and beliefs of where our industry was going, and what It needed.  Flash forward a number of years, and we are the Co-Onwers of Slash Fitness, a unique fitness experience in which we created from our vision, our dreams, and our beliefs. 

Past Experiences

I got to where I am today by being me.  What you see is what you get…I don’t believe in dishonesty, I treat others the way I want to be treated.  I might not be 100% where I want to be yet, but I get closer everyday, I strive to get 1% better each day.  Remember, you must take advantage of every opportunity you get because some things only happen once in a lifetime, my opportunity is NOW.   


Tia Hamilton


Tia Hamilton is dedicated to helping women get into the shape. Being the mother of three children, her passion is to help post-partum women get their body into the best shape of their lives. She has been in the health and fitness industry for 15 years and uses her knowledge to inspire, motivate, and help others.


Christina Martire is a personal trainer, strength coach, motivator and first impression manager from Delray Beach, Florida. She specializes in both group training as well as 1-on-1 personal training. She is goal-oriented and specializes in nutrition and food, strength & conditioning, and accountability. Christina does it all, whether it is solely motivation, helping with everyday functional movements, or reaching goals to fit in a wedding dress, gain muscle, or mentally feel better, she loves being part of it all.


Jami Shields  is a Certified Personal Trainer and Hormone/Nutrition Specialist with certifications as a Wellness Coach, Transformation Specialist, POUND Pro Instructor, Barre Instructor, U-Jam Instructor, and Active Aging Coach. Before joining the fitness industry, Jami was a 2nd grade teacher, resigning after she finished her Masters Degree in Administration with a Principal Certification in the summer of 2012 to open her own Boutique Fitness Studio in her hometown of Carlisle, PA. Jami is a mother of three who recently relocated her family from PA to South Florida while still retaining ownership of her Pennsylvania studio, Fit Forward.

Lucas Ferreira

Lucas Ferreira

Lucas Ferreira is a personal trainer, strength coach, motivator, and owner of Premier Youth Training. 

After receiving an honorable discharge from the U. S. Marines Corps, Lucas returned to Florida to pursue his career in helping others become the best version of themselves. He specializes in one-on-one training, group exercise, nutritional guidance, and youth fitness development. 

He believes that fitness has no age limit and mentions that, “An 8 year old is capable of amazing physical feats just as an 80 year old is. Teaching children how to properly exercise and eat is an investment that will last a lifetime.” 

His goal at Slash is to transform lives and help people of all ages fulfill their individual goals.

Marissa Metzger

Marissa moved to Delray Beach in 2016 and, after having two children and improving her own lifestyle and routine, quickly discovered a passion for health and fitness. Her enthusiasm evolved over time, and soon she decided she wanted to help others reach the same goals she had achieved. Marissa joined Slash Fitness in 2018 and became a loyal member. The close friends she made at Slash inspired her to take her career to the next level by taking the National Academy of Sports Medicine’s Certified Personal Trainer course. (NASM CPT). After passing in 2020, Marissa joined the Slash staff where she is living out her passion in helping others live their best life.

Giana Storey

Giana and her family moved from Maine to South Florida in 2022. She has been in the fitness industry for 23 years and although she loves all methods of training, her passion is group fitness. For Giana, Group Fitness is more than just a class – it drives people to have a purpose as they become stronger mentally and physically. Giana’s certifications have led her to coaching agility and conditioning classes, personal training, boot camp classes, PiYo, cycling classes, step, rebounders, balance and coordination classes, classes for seniors and other specialty classes.

Brittany Trivino

Brittany Trivino is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer who graduated from Axiom Fitness Academy in Boca Raton, where she also received kettlebell training. Brittany has been an athlete her whole life, playing a wide range of sports. During her personal training sessions, Brittany gives her clients the opportunity to find their inner beast and show them that they are capable of much more than their mind may believe. She has two hilarious, outgoing, strong, bright kids, Dante and Olivia, who are currently making their way to becoming black belts in Taekwondo. Brittany grew up in New Jersey, which is where she gets a little bit of her sweet spice from. She moved to Delray Beach 4 years ago and loves to laugh, try new things, and get crushed in a workout!

Madison Van Horne

CPT, Certified Body Building Coach, Certified Strength & Flexibility Coach, Registered Yoga Teacher 500hr+

Introducing Madison, a dedicated teacher and practitioner of motion and breath. Madison grew up as an athlete in South Florida and recently returned from SLC Utah, where they were engaged in practicing, studying, and teaching traditional yoga, aerial silks, and various forms of resistance and weight training. Madison follows and creates integrated training plans, blending different movement styles to achieve maximum function for both themselves and their clients. By combining physical training with techniques to enhance mental strength, Madison aims to create longevity.