Fire & Ice

Our Fire & Ice Classes Combine Outdoor Functional Style Training with a Therapeutic Ice Plunge

Every Monday – Thursday @ 4pm

Our Fire & Ice classes begin with a 45-minute outdoor functional style workout underneath the South Florida sun and end with a therapeutic soak in a 100 Gallon tank with 200lbs. of ice water.

Functional Style Workout

This type of workout involves exercises that use the whole body and emphasize core strength and stability using nontraditional equipment such as cinderblocks and sandbags. Functional fitness programs can benefit every person regardless of fitness level, age, exercise experience or time available for training.

Ice Plunge

The ice plunge lasts 3-5 minutes and includes benefits similar to that of cryotherapy, but in a natural, invigorating atmosphere outside under the Florida sun.

Ice Plunge Benefits*

  • Aids in exercise recovery by reducing inflammation
  • Helps with pain relief and muscle healing
  • May improve sleep and mental health
  • Clearer skin & better hair
  • Improved nervous system control
  • Higher metabolism & fat burning properties

*Benefits vary by individual